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COVID-19 Vaccine Information, updated 1/18/2021

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Washington State is currently in Phase 1B tier 1 of vaccine distribution.


The vaccine is available to anyone 65 and older, and all people 50 and older who also live in a multigenerational household.


This is in addition to populations eligible during phase 1A including health care workers at high risk for COVID-19 infection, first responders, people who live or work in long-term care facilities, and all other workers in health settings who are at risk of COVID-19.

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WA teachers, school staff could be eligible for COVID-19 vaccine earlier than expected

Allison Needles, 1/21/2021

Teachers and other school staff returning to in-person school in Washington state could be eligible for a COVID-19 vaccine earlier than expected.

Changes to the state Department of Health vaccination plan by Gov. Jay Inslee on Monday moved the state into Phase 1B of the plan, allowing everyone over the age of 65 to receive the vaccine.

The changes also created flexibility for providers administering the vaccine starting in Phase 1B Tier 2. Prior to the changes, only teachers 50 and older were eligible to receive the vaccine, and all other teachers had to wait until Tier 4. Now, providers can combine Tiers 2 and 4, making all school staff eligible for the vaccine regardless of age.

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Bill would require schools to reopen during COVID-19 once certain metrics are met

Sara Gentzler, 1/20/2021

In a public hearing on proposed legislation Monday, the nuanced conversation around how and when to reopen schools in Washington state during the COVID-19 pandemic — and who should hold the power to make those decisions — took place on a virtual stage.

The bill in question at the hearing is sponsored by Sen. John Braun of Centralia, a Republican and the Senate Minority Leader, and moderate Democrat Sen. Mark Mullet of Issaquah, along with a handful of other Republican senators. It would set baseline metrics for when school districts and charter schools would be required — not allowed — to offer in-person learning during the pandemic.

“This to me feels like (an) extremely important, time-sensitive decision we need to try to get a solution on within the next week here,” Sen. Mullet said, adding that solving it at end of the 2021 session in April is too late.

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CDC Adds Down Syndrome To COVID-19 ‘Increased Risk’ List

Michelle Diament, 1/7/2021

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is acknowledging for the first time that COVID-19 poses an especially high risk for people with Down syndrome.

The federal agency updated its list of conditions that carry an “increased risk of severe illness from the virus that causes COVID-19” in late December to include Down syndrome.


“Severe illness from COVID-19 is defined as hospitalization, admission to the ICU, intubation or mechanical ventilation, or death,” the CDC said.

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